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Welcome to the Bounty Head Bebop RPG
The game that lets you play the fast-paced solar system-spanning anime-style adventures of the daring and brash bounty hunters of the ‘far modern’ future.

Based in a time rife with criminals and unscrupulous people, the Police have resorted to using more Bounty Hunters and outside contracted help. This is where you come in. Set in a gritty near future, this game calls for fast paced action and sizzling drama. Based on high-octane anime, Bounty Head Bebop is a wild ride through the new Solar Frontier.

Powered by the Inverted 20 system (i20), which uses a single twenty-sided die for all rolls, the Bounty Head Bebop RPG offers a quick and easy resolution for all in-game actions and outcomes, providing a fun and cinematic feel to play.

The Bounty Head Bebop Comlink
For more information about Bounty Head Bebop, the i20 system, or if you just want to pop in and hang out, check out our spiffy Forum: The Bounty Head Bebop Comlink.

Heroic Journey Publishing
Announcing Heroic Journey Publishing, a small press RPG publishing company created to bring you high quality games. Focused specifically on Digital publishing, Heroic Journey Publishing plans to provide Print On Demand for its titles. Take a look for News and Updates as they unfold at Heroic Journey Publishing.

i20 Store
Look for BHB and other i20 products available now via PDF and Print On Demand!